Eurostar Creating the VIP experience
Business lounge design and production for European rail operator
Back on track
Eurostar’s Business lounge in Brussels needs some VIP treatment. Since its creation in the early 90s traveller expectations have evolved. Can Bisqit accommodate these increased demands in the travel experience whilst increasing capacity at the same time? Can we reflect a new brand ethos, ‘Always moving forward’?

A sculptural entrance feature reflects the Eurostar logo and sense of ‘flow’, leading customers into a bright and airy environment that uses gentle perimeter lighting that gradually changes over the course of the day, reflecting the day outside into this windowless space. Clever seating arrangements with bespoke furniture increase capacity for customers and whilst also providing a stylish and extensive bar area to ensure a first class experience. We create a lounge that raises the bar for business travellers; a sleek, feature-packed, contemporary environment.
Square image
Square image
“We’re looking forward to our travellers’ reactions as they begin to enjoy the new space.”
Nick Mercer, Eurostar Commercial Director