EVRAZ Rails and Wheels Identity and launch
Sub-brand needs to shine whilst respecting its parent
‘We make rails and wheels’
Railways. Steel. Russia. Serious business. We’re questioned — with roughly the same product as competitors at roughly the same price, how can EVRAZ Rails and Wheels stand out?

We research the sector then fly to Moscow to run workshops with key business leaders. One thing comes through strongly, a no-nonsense approach combined with healthy Russian humour. This helps us define that standout – Positioning, personality and key messages are agreed. Then we create a bold brand identity which both give EVRAZ Rails and Wheels as a unique voice, whilst respecting the parent brand. We then guideline and apply to the design of communications.
Making tracks for Berlin
The launch is to be in Berlin at InnoTrans, the transport industry’s premier show. We’re tasked with everything from stand design and interactive touchtables, to advertising, print and promotional items. EVRAZ Rails and Wheels presents as the smart, confident business it is. First time at InnoTrans is a great success, creating multiple new business leads.
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