IOGP Adding gravitas to the industry voice
Rebrand for the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), the global voice of the oil & gas industry
Promoting best practice
A non-profit organisation, OGP identifies and shares best practice to ensure the oil and gas industry is as responsible as possible. It needs to engage everyone from governments to industry to students and the media. However, its brand identity was generic and passive; it didn’t reflect the organisation.

Our challenge: rebrand OGP and ensure its vast amount of members and committees fully endorse what we’re proposing. At their heart they are engineers, so our approach needs to be rigorous. A full Discover phase sees us speak to all key stakeholders, audit the organisation and the landscape and undertake multiple workshops with committees. From this we define a new positioning and brief for the creative.

This results in a new logo, title update from OGP, to IOGP and new visual system. We then create comprehensive guidelines and brief internal designers. The launch to members is a resounding success, the new brand stands out in the operational landscape and truly reflects the organisation.
Out with the old and in with the new
Square image
Square image
Simplicity from complexity, the new literature system
“The Communications Committee and everyone at IOGP are grateful for your amazing work.”
“Your professionalism, creativity and dedication were a credit to Bisqit. We would happily endorse you (and have done) to anyone in the energy industry looking for branding expertise...”

Colin Joyce, Chair of the IOGP Branding Task Force