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The oil industry’s in trouble
Oil prices are rockbottom and projects are inefficient. Time for a new kind of consultancy – They have a clear vision and the backing of two of the industry’s giants, but there’s a challenge. Can Bisqit create a standout brand, then launch it to market in next to no time?

H+K Strategies has already established a comms platform built around ‘Powerful thinking’, so we work with them to refine and bring it to life. We name the company io, a reference to moons and tides, a standout for the sector. Our internal benchmark is simple; if it could work for another company in the sector it doesn’t work for io; we need to be bold, no generic pictures of oil rigs here please.

Powerful thinking is about experts combining both left and right brain thinking; we reflect this tension through the hemispheres of the logo, split imagery style and provocative headlines.
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We soft launched on January 1st 2015 across social channels, leading with teaser statements from historic powerful thinkers. A full launch follows later that month with a film and website, coinciding with the CEO’s appearance as a thought leader on Sky News and the BBC.
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We designed and built a website, aimed at potential clients and employees. lt’s a place to house their ‘Powerful Thinking’, to think and act like a publisher. The result is a visually and mentally stimulating site alive with ideas and creativity – a stand out for the industry.