Liberty Living Welcome home
Rebrand for one of the UK’s leading student accommodation providers
You’re at home with us
Liberty Living, one of the UK’s largest student accommodation providers, has a new owner and aggressive growth plans. As they set out on a new journey, it’s vital that their brand reflects their offer and intentions for the future.

Our approach starts with a full audit phase which enables us to define their core purpose and brand values. Interviews with students, employees and university partners paint a clear image of the company – Proud creators of welcoming homes, attentive to the needs of their students. This directly informs the new brand identity.
The new logo references a flag, a symbol of the pride Liberty Living take in their product and service, whilst the reflected L-device within invokes roof structures and place markers. Liberty Living’s passion for the wellbeing of their students is a defining feature of their brand, and as such we put students at the heart of their communications. Photography of empty buildings is replaced with images of students enjoying the lifestyle, whilst direct quotes and testimonials offer a positive and credible impression of the brand. The tone of voice is friendly and approachable without falling into the trap of trying too hard or sounding like ‘the dad at the party’.
A flexible visual system ensures durability, using photography for external marketing and ‘tribal’ patterns and iconography for marketing and information within residences.
“We are delighted with our new brand identity... puts our students at the heart of everything that we do, reflecting our DNA whilst telling our story”

Matthew Ansell, Head of Marketing, Liberty Living