Lowell A positive move forward
Brand creation for a leading credit management group
Creating a leader
In 2015, global investment firm Permira acquired two leading credit management businesses. Their aim was to align them, along with their sub-brands, under a new brand to become Europe’s best. Our brief was to create that brand.
We brought together a working group from across the businesses to facilitate the process. Naming NewCo was a key task; due to its existing brand equity we finally settled on Lowell, the name of the acquired UK business. Audits showed under-investment in brands in the sector, so this gave Lowell and us a great opportunity. Through workshops we defined their purpose; one that reflects their principled approach, and clarified their brand values. 
The strategy: ‘One Lowell’ from multiple businesses
Creating the brand identity
Lowell’s CEO tasked us with creating a brand identity unlike anything else in the sector – a great brief. The starting point was our creative platform ‘Moving forward’, which captures how Lowell enables clients to achieve their business goals and consumers to get back on track. This then informed the brand identity, with positive forward motion evidenced in the logo and graphic devices, bright colours and an approachable, human tone of voice.
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Preparing for launch
To a tight timeline we created key brand assets in English and German. Reassuring and exciting employees was vital – for launch day we created key messages, film content, an employee microsite, gifts and branded office environments. We also created brand guidelines and trained local agencies and teams. The launch was a great success, external implementation follows through 2017.
Bisqit were a great partner...
...the team worked with us at pace to bring our range of brands with proud histories together under one Group brand with an ever brighter, unified future. The results have landed incredibly well with clients and colleagues alike and we’re delighted to have had Bisqit by our side.

Eva Eisenschimmel, Chief of Staff, Lowell