Western Union #PassforSchool
Charitable campaign film to engage sports fans
Listen Up and #PassforSchool
Being the global partner of the UEFA Europa League, Western Union records every pass made on the pitch, for which they donate a day’s worth of education to UNICEF. This takes shape of teacher training, financial literacy, school improvement and much more.

Their PASS initiative needs some content that can be used globally to help re-ignite fan interest and engagement.
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Enter the Pass Master
Tim Howard, USA and Everton goalkeeper, is on-board, but instead of getting Tim to kick a ball around on camera for two minutes, Bisqit decide to don him the ‘Pass Master’. Once armed with our script and dressed in old-fashioned teachers robes and retro wigs – Tim’s a natural! He invites people to share their old school sporting photos on Twitter and Facebook using #PassforSchool, for every photo shared, Western Union add one pass to it’s PASS campaign.
“A brilliant idea, fantastically executed and the best content ever produced by
a Western Union campaign.”
Marc Audrit, Vice President of the Global brand, Western Union