Brand creation and management for a global petrochemical company
From Saudi Arabia to the world
SABIC and Bisqit: A twelve year journey. At the start of our relationship SABIC are big, but they’re a Saudi export business. A decade later they’re not big, they’re enormous — a manufacturer on every continent, an acquisitive business, an innovator and a highly respected global brand.

Our journey with SABIC starts in Riyadh in 2003. Can we design a corporate brochure? Yes of course. From then on things grow. We create brand positioning and comprehensive guidelines. Annual reports and trade show campaigns. We align acquired companies such as DSM and GE Plastics. We give employees brand training and oversee other rostered agencies. We create their first ever Sustainability report and Employer Brand programs. Liveries and signage, from name badges to corporate jets.

2012 sees a new positioning, CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS™. We work on the launch creating inspirational films broadcast to 38,000 employees around the globe at the brand relaunch. We make it resonate with a global employee engagement program. Ultimately we help create ‘one SABIC’, an aligned global business.
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“SABIC is phenomenally well run and is building out a global footprint.”
The Financial Times