SABIC Making tradeshows flow
Streamlining the design and production of tradeshows around the world
Creating a system
For petrochemical giant SABIC, tradeshows are a must. From Riyadh to Rotterdam, Shanghai to Singapore they happen every week. Can Bisqit think smart to reduce the effort and expense involved?

Our idea? Create a modular system that works across all standard footprints and event types. We make it unique to SABIC by bringing the flowline device at the heart of their brand identity off the page, from 2D to 3D.

We then create comprehensive guidelines detailing how to put on an event. It covers how to remain on-brand, how to plan an event, how to design, specify and build stands as well as the use of product displays and technology. The result — reduced development time, reduced agency spend, minimised construction waste and consistent events.
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